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I've been running a pair of 2TB Infrant Ready NAS NV+ RAID systems for a while now as on-site file server and off-site backup and so far I'm very pleased with them. I have one under my desk and one in my dad's office and they talk over a VPN and keep each other in sync using rsync. The one under my desk acts as a file server for my development boxes and as a music server for my Squeezebox music players. It seems a little underpowered for the Squeezeboxes, the UI on Squeezebox is annoyingly slow sometimes but I've yet to work out if that's the NAS or the Squeezebox or the network or ... Anyway, sticking 1gb of RAM in the NAS didn't seem to help the Squeezebox performance though the web GUI for the NAS seemed slightly more sprightly than the one with only 256mb... At some point I'll run a slimserver from one of my dev boxes to see if that speeds things up a little; right now I can work around the slow UI (i.e. I have patience and understanding) and everyone else just queues up commands that all happen at once when the Squeezebox finally decides to respond ;)

The NAS itself is a nice little unit that 'just works' and is pretty quiet and doesn't push out too much heat. The firmware is nice, the web GUI works well and the addon and upgrade system works well. Currently my only wish is that they'd provide a CVS add-on so that I can run a CVS server from it rather than having to run the CVS server on one of the dev boxes and then backup to the NAS manually every so often...

Big rsync jobs take some time (and some) but that's down to my ISPs upload speed. Still, they work and they don't get in the way of doing useful work and as I tune how I use the boxes I hope to avoid big and slow rsync jobs. I've yet to have to try out the hop swap hard drive functionality to replace failed disks (and long may that be the case)...


Subversion, surely? ;-) Not sure how responsive they'll be, now that it is Netgear. Have you looked at their wiki pages?

No, not subversion as it seems that it wont let me do the really useful stuff that I do with Modules in CVS and, at present, that's essential. The only thing I'd like from Subversion is the hot backup facility and, er, the NAS would give me that from CVS using its built in snapshot facility and the fact that the backup runs at 2am and I rarely code that late these days...

Huh? What sort of thing are you missing from CVS? I've yet to find anything CVS can do that SVN can't do better. Plus, the lack of atomic commits in CVS is a showstopper for me.

Thanks for mentioning the ReadyNAS. First dedicated NAS box I've seen that might actually be worth bothering with. I'd like it better if it had six bays, though :).

Modules... I use them a lot, subversions 'externals' or whatever aren't quite the same, apparantly...

My modules file is like this:

# Products

TimeShifter -d Products/TimeShifter TimeShifter &SubAdmin &SubAPIHookTools &SubC++Tools &SubDebugTools &SubIOTools &SubTestTools &SubWin32Tools &SubMFCTools &SubRegistryTools

LockExplorer -d Products/LockExplorer LockExplorer &SubAdmin &SubAPIHookTools &SubC++Tools &SubDebugTools &SubIOTools &SubTestTools &SubWin32Tools &SubMFCTools &SubRegistryTools

TaskGrid -d Products/TaskGrid TaskGrid &SubAdmin &SubC++Tools &SubIOTools &SubPerfMonTools &SubRegistryTools &SubServiceTools &SubSocketTools &SubTestTools &SubWin32Tools

# JetByte Tools

Tools -a JetByteTools
JetByteTools -d JetByteTools JetByteTools

Admin -a JetByteTools/Admin
SubAdmin -d JetByteTools/Admin JetByteTools/Admin

APIHookTools -a JetByteTools/APIHookTools
SubAPIHookTools -d JetByteTools/APIHookTools JetByteTools/APIHookTools

Feel free to show me how to do this in subversion... Migration was on my list of things to do until I found out that I would have to change how I structure all my projects...

Is it not possible to create a samba share on the Infrant Ready NAS and get your Linux server to mount it (assuming your source control repository server is Linux)

If that works then why not virtualise the Linux server onto your desktop?

I guess that this would also work with a Windows source control repository server

Yes, and I may end up doing that, but it's not a recommended way to use CVS and I'd really rather not screw up my repository... The alternative, running the repository locally and then having a script that copies it to the NAS seems to work OK but isn't ideal as I currently run the script manually. Still, at least now I run the script and then the NAS automatically off-site's it rather than me having to a) run the script and b) take a portable hard disk out to the car or over to my dad's...

Can a Linux server mount a share on the ReadyNas NV or NV+? I am interested in running subversion on our intranet server but would like to have the file store reside on the readynas so that all of the backups and snapshots will happen as they currently do. Thoughts?

Yes a Linux server could mount a share. No idea if it's a good idea to then run a subversion server off of it though... I know that CVS servers arent advised to run off of shares, but I havent investigated it too much.


Should I store my repository / working copy on a NFS server?

If you are using a repository with the Berkeley DB back end (default for repositories created with Subversion 1.0 and 1.1, not the default thereafter), we recommend not storing the repository on a remote filesystem (for example, NFS). While Berkeley DB databases and log files can be stored on remote filesystems, the Berkeley DB shared region files cannot be stored on a remote filesystem, so the repository may be safely accessed by only a single filesystem client, and not all Subversion functionality will be available to even that one client.

If you are using the FSFS repository back end, then storing the repository on a modern NFS server (i.e., one that supports locking) should be fine.

Working copies can be stored on NFS (one common scenario is when your home directory is on a NFS server). On Linux NFS servers, due to the volume of renames used internally in Subversion when checking out files, some users have reported that 'subtree checking' should be disabled (it's enabled by default). Please see NFS Howto Server Guide and exports(5) for more information on how to disable subtree checking.

We've had at least one report of working copies getting wedged after being accessed via SMB. The server in question was running a rather old version of Samba (2.2.7a). The problem didn't recur with a newer Samba (3.0.6).

I have a "development NAS" now (I had a power supply fail and bought a new (empty) NAS to replace it whilst I got the PSU fixed and I've now added disks to it so I have a 2nd NAS at home) and I intend to instal the development kit on it and see if I can get CVS compiled up and working on the NAS... I still can't move to SVN due to my project structure but, to be honest, my CVS backup script seems to work pretty well apart form the fact that it results in a big rsync job to my off-site NAS as I snapshot the entire repository in a date stamped directory each time I do it. An or robocopy rsync backup from my CVS repository to my local NAS to single directory (rather than a new complete copy per backup) would probably work as well...

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