VS2005 breakpoint annoyance


My Visual Studio 2005 C++ debugger seems to have stopped doing what VC6 used to do if you placed a breakpoint on a line that didn't result in executable code... VC6 used to warn you and then move the breakpoint to the next executable code line, VS2005 just seems to ignore the problem and disable the breakpoint when you're running and therefore just run straight past it...

This is especially annoying in situations like this:

   myObj.DoThingWithLongArgumentList(      // I usually set the breakpoint here...
      arg5);                               // You actually have to set it here...
I'm starting to wonder if I checked a 'and don't show me this again' dialog at some point as it seems REALLY strange that they'd intentionally break this kind of thing.


Think you might have bust something, Len - my VS2005 behaves as you expect - I've just tried it. I can't see any options that might account fo rht ebehaviour you're seeing either.

It works as expected on my XP x86 box and fails on Vista x64... I'll test it on a clean install, x64 virtual machine at some point. I suppose it could be the x64 tools operating differently, or my installion could be broken. I couldn't find any 'make it work' options either...

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