Where did August and September go?


What with holidays and having my head down doing x64 and CLR hosting stuff for a client it seems that the last month and a half has rushed by...

The good news is that the x64 port is slowly slipping out to clients; the bulk of the work has been done for ages but I'm using this release to bring all of my example servers in line with best practices for using The Server Framework. Due to the number of example servers and the number of compilers that I need to test with, this is taking a while. Still, we're almost there and once we are there will be new example servers that show off the new features that my rewrite of our performance counter library has enabled.

The CLR hosting work is also going well. One of my clients now has a server that uses this technology "in anger" and, now that we've ironed out a few issues, it's working well and seems to be a good fit with The Server Framework for some types of business problems.

In other news, I've been getting into cycling... For one reason or another I've never really cycled before this year; Gaelle thought this was ridiculous and got me a bike for my 40th birthday. Last week I upgraded the 'starter bike' to a Dawes Horizon touring bike and yesterday I completed my longest ride to date, 53 miles around Guildford with the Charlotteville Cycling Club's Guildford Challenge. We completed the route after 4 hours cycling and a total of around an hour of breaks, including a sneaky pub lunch ;) I'm loving the drop handlebars and strap in peddles on my new bike; I expect I'll be after proper clips next...

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