Reclaiming my CPU...

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I removed the last version of "Norton Anti-Virus" (and all of the other stuff that I've been upgraded into over the years) from the last of my machines yesterday. I've replaced it with AVG, currently the free version to test it out.

All of the machines feel more sprightly and run faster. One of my old laptops which is now only used for fire-side web browsing is now actually usable again!

For a while now I've thought that what was originally just anti-virus software had been getting more and more bloated with more and more things that didn't interest me and my systems were running slower and slower... Now that it's gone it seems I was right, which is nice, as it means that I don't need to format and reinstall the old laptop...

1 Comment

I gave up fireside browins on my PC, I only recharge my apple now and I've no complaints so far (other than the kids asking me to play music from their iTunes lists but thats life!).

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