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I've just picked up a copy of Windows Via C/C++ (PRO-Developer) by Jeffrey Richter and Christophe Nasarre. This is 'version 5' of the book that started out as Advanced Windows NT (Advanced Windows). The book has been updated for Windows Vista and other changes that have happened since the last version, Programming Applications for Windows (Microsoft Programming Series).

I've decided to read it from cover to cover to refresh my knowledge and pick up on any changes. It's nice to see that even in the first section on error handling the text has been checked and updated, for example, the common FormatMessage() usage problem that Raymond Chen mentioned a while back (see here) is included; but interestingly it seems that the previous version of the book didn't specify FORMAT_MESSAGE_IGNORE_INSERTS flag and so, was probably the root cause of the bug in my code in the first place ;).

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