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Back in October 2007 I sumarised my findings from getting my Win32 DebugAPI based debug engine working on x64. One of the strange things that I found at the time was this: When running a CLR app under the Win32 debug interface you only ever seem to hit the native entry point if you're running under WOW64. In all other situations you don't hit the native entry point ever. If you rely on it to pause your debug tools once the process is completely loaded and ready to roll then you need to stick a break point in _CorExeMain in…

Interesting blog

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I found JP's blog whilst googling for some information on RVA forwarders in PE files. There's lots of good stuff there about reasonably low level Windows development, debugging, testing and API hooking. Recommended if you like the kind of stuff that I write about. In addition to the blog postings JP has produced cfix a unit testing framework for C++. I haven't had a chance to look at it too deeply yet, but the documentation looks good and the source is available from SourceForge under the GPL.…

More on the CLR startup change

Last week I mentioned that some of my tests for my Win32 Debug API class had suddenly started failing. It seems that I was right and the changes are due to some .Net fixes that have been rolled out recently. The code runs and the tests pass if I run on a clean instal Vista x64 VM and fail on my day to day development box. It seems that my plan to "stick a breakpoint in mscoree.dll's _CorExeMain()" wasn't such a good idea after all. With the new updates installed and with an x64 process using the Win32 debug API…
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