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Another ISO 8583 transaction server

It has been a busy couple of weeks for me. I've been working on an ISO 8583 based transaction server for a client and I set myself some fairly tight deadlines. I actually developed the first version of The Server Framework for another ISO 8583 transaction server that I developed for this client back in 2002. It's interesting to look back at the original code and see how the framework has evolved (see here for the latest version), it's also nice to know that the first server is still running nicely and providing customers with the ability to top up their pay…

Data distribution servers

Many of the servers that are built with The Server Framework are for high number of connections and low data flow situations and as such that's where the focus has been on the framework development and testing. As I've shown in the past, we can easily deal with 70,000 concurrent connections with various real world traffic flow patterns and have various test tools that can stress these kinds of servers. As importantly it's easy to place a limit on the number of connections that a server can handle so as to protect the server (and other processes on the same machine) from…
I really really really hate the error that I sometimes get when trying to copy a file from my Vista box to my NAS: "The mounted file system does not support extended attributes". With the options to "Try again" or cancel. I suppose the "Try again" option is just in case the mounted file system changes its mind or the file somehow decides that the extended attributes that it's somehow acquired aren't actually required... The main problem I have is that I get this with text files where I've never done anything 'special' to create "extended attributes" (whatever they are).…

High throughput, low latency

As I said in my recent posting about Data Distribution Servers, "Next on the list is writing a more focused server and clients." . Tick. I started out by writing the data feed. This was a simplified version of the echo server test harness that I'd extended to use a controllable TCP receive window. The data feed is just a client that generates random data in packets that have simple header, length, sequence number, type and sends it to the server that it's connected to. It doesn't get anything sent back and it uses the various options that I discussed…

Managed XLL Excel Addins

Back in December and January I was working on the initial phases of a system to allow the development of custom Excel worksheet functions in managed code using the Excel XLL 'C' interface (Excel4v). Phase 1 finished with us having a pretty workable system that the client could go live with. The only problem was that we skipped the key ease of use part of the project due to time and budget constraints. Whilst the C++ side of the system worked and we could marshal values from Excel types to managed types and back again and we could dispatch calls…
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