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I'm currently working on adding easy to use Real Time Data server support to my Managed XLL Excel Addin system. This lets you use the =RTD() functionality of Excel to push real time data into your spreadsheets without needing to understand COM and without needing to register any COM objects on your machine. You simply add some attributes to your managed code, compile your assembly and drop it in the same directory as the Managed XLL and it does the rest. This is working well and makes Excel Real Time Data servers VERY easy to write. Anyway, during this I…
Once I got the simple managed Real Time Data servers working in Excel I decided it was time to add asynchronous worksheet functions. This is the last major feature on my todo list and once it's complete I'll be ready to start thinking about beta testing my Managed XLL product. The idea behind asynchronous worksheet functions is that some worksheet functions may take a long time to complete and it would be better to run them in the background rather than have them block Excel's recalculations whilst they complete. This means that the Managed XLL needs to manage a thread…

Globals are evil

Jamie Fristrom over at GameDevBlog thinks that "Globals are underrated". I disagree, and, agree with most of the comments that Noel makes; globals and their 90's equivalent, singletons, are evil. As anyone who has looked at the code that I present on my blog knows, I tend to favour 'prarameterise from above' in my designs. That is code that doesn't reach out to a global for something but that only works with what it has been given. This leads to you passing a fair number of references or pointers to your objects. In a later post, Jamie points out that…

A time and a place for comments

I'm fairly set in my ways about the value (or lack of) of comments in C++ code. I tend to have very few comments in my code and I tend to favour names and structure over comments; names and structure compiles and doesn't lie. Sometimes I go too far in that direction and I'm forced to fight with some of my old code and at that point I might add a comment that explains the non obvious but I'm more likely to attempt to refactor the code into something where the names and structure tell the story better. However... I…
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