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The equivalent of static libraries in .Net

I'm building my managed XLL tool in two versions, a 'normal user' version and a 'pro' version. The 'pro' version has additional features that I don't feel would necessarily appeal to all of my potential users; things such as easy Excel RTD server support and Asynchronous worksheet functions. The fact that the core code is identical between the two versions has caused me a little trouble as I want to package the code in a single assembly and, although it's all C++/CLI, I can't work out how to build the common code in one project and link it with each…

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 installation failure

I've been having problems installing VS2010 Beta 2 onto a selection of x64 VMWare machines (fully updated and service packed XP and Windows 7). In fact I was having problems installing it onto any of them. The error that I was getting was this: [10/22/09,07:28:42] Microsoft Application Error Reporting: [2] CMsiComponent::Install() expects the setup file for Microsoft Application Error Reporting, but the file failed verification. And whilst a google showed that others were also getting the same error it was few and far between and nobody had been given any useful advice. I'd tried with both the premium and the…

Unit testing AVR assembly language

My "hobby project" is going well but the AVR assembly language that I'm writing has now got complex enough for me to really miss not having some form of unit testing framework in place. So I decided to remedy that I work out how I could write unit tests for various pieces of assembly language. It turns out that with judicious use of 'mock' implementations of the code residing at various labels and traditional layering and separation of concerns I can build a set of unit tests that run in my AVR simulator and that either end up looping at…

.Net 4.0 Hosting

I've been playing with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and .Net 4.0, building code, running tests, playing with the IDE, etc. The first issue that I've come across with my existing codebase is that the .Net 2.0 hosting APIs (such as CorBindToRuntimeEx)are now deprecated and there's a whole new way of hosting the CLR. We've been quite successful in hosting the CLR from within our C++ servers, either to provide servers that support a mix of managed/unmanaged plugins as a pluggable high performance windows application server or to provide network protocol support in C++ (such as ENet) with 'business logic'…

Concurrency profiling with VS2010

I'm currently looking at the new concurrency profiling tools that come with Visual Studio 2010. It's interesting and useful stuff. The tools provide what I have attempted to develop in the past by using API Hooking but it's vastly superior in speed and functionality. One of the big problems for me with my API Hooking concurrency tools (Deadlock detector and Lock Explorer) was that the instrumentation often caused the target process to run pretty slowly. There seems to be none of that with the concurrency tools in VS2010. The target process runs very nicely whilst it's being profiled and the…
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