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As I mentioned a while back I've been looking at incorporating some simple performance gains in the framework by following the advice given over at the Windows Server Performance Team Blog. Specifically the advice from part three of the "Designing Applications for High Performance" series of postings. Whilst I'd done some quick and dirty tests with the FILE_SKIP_COMPLETION_PORT_ON_SUCCESS flag of SetFileCompletionNotificationModes() and all looked good I'm now working my way through my unit tests and adjusting them to work both when this option is enabled and when it's not (completion dispatch changes somewhat when it's enabled and my tests are…
I'm just finishing a batch of work that will be included in the 6.2 release of my IOCP based, high performance windows client and server framework and which improves the performance of the framework. There are two main improvements; the first is that the filtering API is now completely optional. There are now filtering and non-filtering base classes so that you only need to include filtering support if you need it. This removes a considerable amount of code that was not required for the non-filtering servers and improves performance by a small amount. The framework base classes are now templatised…

Happy Zeroth birthday Scott Holgate!

My baby son Scott was born today, Jan 25th 2010, at 1.58am. He weighed 6lb 15oz and both he and his wonderful mother are doing fine.…
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