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Speeding up C++ builds

I stumbled on an idea for speeding up C++ builds the other day and it's not something that I've considered before and it really does offer a considerable speed up so I think it may be worth considering in some situations. It has downsides which make it harder to use with my default style of code structuring but the increase in build speed is tempting... The idea is that of "Unity builds" which I discovered from an answer by Christoph Heindl on Stack Overflow about how to speed up Visual Studio builds. Christoph refers to this blog entry; The Magic…
The latest release of The Server Framework is now available. This release includes the following changes. The following changes were made to the libraries. Admin Library - 6.2 We now support Visual Studio 2010. At present the code has only been tested with the beta and release candidate versions. New build configuration options. All of these are enabled by defining the option to 1 in Config.h and disabled by defining them to 0; the default state if you do not do anything in Config.h is shown for each option: JETBYTE_TINY_XML_2_5_3 - enabled by default. From this release TinyXML version 2.5.3 is available…

The joy of hacking

Today I had a day which I knew from the start would be broken up due to pre-arranged calls and meetings out of the office, and so I decided to deal with a few low importance items on my todo list. One of them was to do a proof of concept for a new tool that I might work on. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time hacking an old tool into shape so that I could use some of the technology in the new tool. This was good old fashioned 'no tests', 'no rules', cut'n'paste and force it to do…
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