DevPartner Studio 10


My previous rant about DevPartner Studio (and especially the BoundsChecker portion of it) resulted in several emails from guys on the development team and a call from product owner at MicroFocus. They pointed me towards the latest 'web sync' (service pack) which was released shortly after my rant, explained how the issues I'd noticed had made it through testing and why they existed and commiserated with me over the state of support. I now have an email alias that I can send my rants to which is ready by the dev team which might make things a little less frustrating for me.

The support situation for someone with a subscription to the product is still far from ideal and far less satisfactory than it was with Compuware and currently the best approach seems to be to make a noise on the web about your issues with the latest release and you'll get to speak to the guys that matter...

However, from talking to the developers I can see that they care deeply about the product and that they want to ease the pain that users are feeling and that from their point of view things are better, internally, than they were with Compuware. This all seems to mean that the longer term future for the product is considerably better than it was - which is all good stuff.

Thanks to Matt and Rick for the emails and help.

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