Autobahn WebSockets protocol compliance test suite

I'm nearing the end of my WebSockets implementation for The Server Framework and have been dealing with various protocol compliance issues. Whilst I have decent unit test coverage I haven't, yet, sat down and produced compliance specific unit tests which walk through the various parts of the (ever changing) draft RFC and test each aspect. Looking back, I probably should have taken this approach even though the RFC was fluid. Anyway. One of the people involved in the WebSockets Working Group has a nice set of compliance tests for their implementation and they have made these tests are freely available; so I've been using them! They've really helped nail a few subtle issues in my implementation (and one or two not so subtle issues!).

The Autobahn tests can be found here, and the report generated by the current pre-release version of my implementation can be found here.


Hi Len,

I'm currently testing my implementation of websocket server. Can you share the compilance tests with me?

The test suite can be downloaded from the download link (took me a while to find it!) on the page that I link to in the body of the blog post...

It's ;)

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