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The new Windows Azure looks good!

I must admit that I didn't really see how Azure could be of much use to anyone except really die-hard, bleeding edge, Microsoft only shops; that is up until yesterday. The new Azure, which you can read about here on Scott Guthrie's blog, seems much more usable for general purpose cloud solutions. Durable VMs, Linux VMs, easy migration to/from your own non Azure VHDs, direct access to their new low latency distributed cache from Memcached with no code changes necessary, lots of great new tooling and a REST based management API. What's not to like? I'm expecting lots of…

C++ 11, Concurrency

I've been watching Bartosz Milewski's C++ 11 Concurrency videos and they're a pretty good way to get up to speed on the new threading support in the latest C++ standard. They start off nice and slowly, for people who haven't been doing concurrency for years, and explain the various new features provided by the language. It's good stuff. I've been reading Anthony Williams' C++ Concurrency In action which is a great way to understand the details of what you'll see in the videos. It's a good book and there's lots of useful stuff in there even if you've been…
I'm still working on my investigation of the Windows Registered I/O network extensions, RIO, which I started back in October when they became available with the Windows 8 Developer Preview. I've improved my test system a little since I started and now have a point to point 10 Gigabit network between my test machines using two 2 Intel 10 Gigabit AT2 cards wired back to back. My test system isn't symmetrical, that is I have a much more powerful machine on one end of the link than on the other. This makes it somewhat complex to really push the…
As I mentioned yesterday, I'm running Windows Server 2012 RC with my Intel 10 Gigabit AT2 adapters. I've had several emails asking me where I got the drivers from as the latest Intel drivers do not install. Whilst it's true that you can't currently run the downloaded driver exe, PROWinx64.exe on Windows Server 2012 RC (or anything later than Win7). You CAN unzip the exe (it's just an executable zip file) and then simply use the device manager to update the driver and then browse to the directory that you unzipped the exe into. I'm sure updated drivers that…
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