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Ah, sometimes I just love that younger me for getting to the point... More here, thanks to Daniel Tarbotton for reminding me of things I said in the past... And, for a change, it seems that someone agrees! ;)…

Where are all the Microsoft Networking MVPs?

There's a gnarly networking question on stack overflow that I've since reposted on various Microsoft forums and so far I've had absolutely no useful response. Not even an "I don't know, but I'll look into it". I can understand that, perhaps, the issue may be a little bit technical for a support person who isn't steeped in networking API knowledge; but where are the MVPs? Why isn't there a Winsock MVP who can tell me that the bug has already been raised somewhere and might get fixed, or that it's a known and desirable breaking change?? This issue looks…
The Server Framework's OpenSSL Option Pack integrates OpenSSL with my high performance server tool kit and gives you an IOCP based client or server that can handle many thousand concurrent connections with very few threads. The OpenSSL Option Pack has been around for over 10 years now and, as well as the SChannel Option Pack provides an easy way to add SSL or TLS to your clients and servers. The one problem with OpenSSL is building new releases. It's probably just me, but I like to have both x86 and x64 libraries in the same directory with different names…
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