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I dragged myself into London last night for the London MMO Meetup. I had some clients that I wanted to chat to who were going and the programme looked good. This was the first "meetup" that I'd been to, it was good and the format worked well. We were hosted by King at their London office on Wardour Street. The office was great, the presentation space was good and they provided a nice spread of food and drink. Ben Hollis from King spoke first about the considerations of designing a casual, synchronous, multi-player game and the design decisions involved…

Hosting .Net Core in C++

One of the things that came out of my conversations with clients last night was an interest in hosting .Net Core from native code. Of course we already host the CLR and provide an easy way to write servers that do the heavy lifting in native code and call out to managed code for the business logic. We have several clients using this to host managed "plugins" inside a native host and it works very well. Hopefully hosting .Net Core won't be that different. It looks like you can skip the whole meta host thing and just load it…
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