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Edit my points

The refactoring project rumbles on but my time with it is drawing to a close. This week the currency traders decided that they wanted to be able to manually override the live data in some circumstances. They wanted to be able to edit a live data point, set its value to a fixed amount and have all dependant displays take this new value into account. Like most things in computing an extra level of indirection saved the day...…

Mismanaging Agents

I still have my 'director of the management company for a building of 78 apartments' hat on. It seems to have one of those little straps that goes under your chin. I don't seem to be able to undo the strap...…

Ski Weekend, Courmayer, Gressoney, Chamonix

We flew to Geneva last Thursday evening and skiied in Italy and France over the weekend. Just holiday snaps.…

End of the refactoring project

My time working on the refactoring project has come to an end; at least for a while. Here's a little look back over what we achieved.…

How times change

Today's job is putting up the Christmas tree. That involves climbing around in our storage space "loft". We didn't use the tree last year, so it's now got 2 year's worth of stuff in front of it. I feel like I'm digging back through my past to get to it. I've just pulled out my previous pair of skis. 2m+ Salomon Superforce 2S. Straight as a very straight thing. Towering a good 8 inches above me (I know... but I was young, and keen, and they were wonderful at the time). How I ever skied them I don't know. How…

Thinking, Discipline and Courage...

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Wayne Allen asks why so much code is so bad? Why the majority of code, even new code, that he sees as a consultant is terrible. Meanwhile, Rory Blyth is complaining about "Paper bag" code. I think Wayne hits the nail on the head with his comment about much of the problem being down to the individuals involved willingness to learn and change. But there's more. Doing a good job requires lots of thinking, lots of self-discipline and lots of courage. Finding programmers who can do all of that and program in the required language is hard...…

Thought for the day

I have only ever made one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it. Voltaire From a comment in ESR's blog. Given our current dealings with our building's mismanaging agents this seems particularly appropriate right now.…

Retiring Princess Leia

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... I made a contraption to enable me to strap a camcorder to my head whilst I skiied. As you can see, it wasn't the most subtle of devices. Well, times change. I upgraded my camcorder this year because I wanted a device with DV in for archive purposes. The new camera also has AV in and for Christmas Michelle bought me a weatherproof bullet camera which can plug into the AV in on the camcorder. A few pieces of industrial velcro and the bullet cam can be securely mounted to…
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