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Because we can

Our trip is now only 2 months away so I thought it was about time that the trip's blog went live... MegèveSki, because we can...…

Bug in CThreadPool

Bob Etheridge reported a bug in the socket server code from codeproject, this is probably the oldest version of The Server Framework's Free Framework code. He was noticing a small amount of memory corruption on server shutdown. I've narrowed it down to a bug in the CThreadPool class in the Win32 tools library. The bug is present in all versions of the class. void CThreadPool::ThreadStopped(WorkerThread *pThread) { ::InterlockedDecrement(&m_activeThreads); ::InterlockedDecrement(&m_initialisedThreads); RemoveThreadFromList(pThread); OnThreadStopped(); } Should actually be void CThreadPool::ThreadStopped(WorkerThread *pThread) { ::InterlockedDecrement(&m_activeThreads); ::InterlockedDecrement(&m_initialisedThreads); OnThreadStopped(); RemoveThreadFromList(pThread); } This function is called when worker threads shut down. When RemoveThreadFromList() is called for the last active thread…

NetMeeting Data Channel sample code

I've uploaded a new copy of the NMPing.zip file that is mentioned in this article. It seems that it was corrupted. Sorry about the delay in doing this, I'd forgotten about it. The code's very old, so be gentle with it.…

Smash it up

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I completely agree with Jeff on this one. Fear of breaking code can hold you back from making the kind of changes that are required to keep the code alive.…

Looking back from near the end

My current consulting gig is coming to an end. We've been in the hand over phase for a while now and I think it's slowly starting to work. Now seems like a good time to look back at what worked and what didn't...…

VS.Net #Region

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I'm reviewing some code for a client. I've decided that I don't like the #Region functionality from the VS.Net IDE... It seems to be another 'sticking plaster' to help make things 'easier' for people to structure code in inappropriate ways...…

So much for testing

My category-based RSS feeds stopped feeding through to Testing Reflections and Test Driven a couple of weeks ago. They had worked fine, and then they just stopped. I assumed that the problem was at their end; either they didn't think much of my testing posts or their feed polling software had some weirdness in it... But you know what assume does...…

Spammer's choice

I'd quite like to be able to harness the efforts of the comment spammers and MT-Blacklist so that when a spammer fails to comment on a posting this fact is noted and posting can get mentioned on the front page as the current "spammer's choice"... Sounds mad, but since I have a lot of content now, it would be a way of bringing some old stuff back to the front page - in the same way that the comment section does...…
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