It must be a slow news day when...


My relationship break-up posting gets linked to from

And, of course, they put their own spin on it... However, as I mentioned in a reply to one of the comments on the original posting...

"Actually, I wrote a much longer piece with much more detail and decided that I didn't need to publish it. I just needed to write it. To get it out of my head, in much the same way that I wrote about my sister's tsunami experience. However I did feel the need to say something on my blog as the split has and will affect what I do and that needed context. So I took out the personal stuff and left the techie stuff as this is a techie blog.

Given that my blog usually gets around 300 visits a day and given that up until some bright spark thought that this posting was amusing enough to go on I'd had just a couple of sympathetic comments I figured the balance was about right. Having 50,000+ geeks using the 439 word entry to analyse and speculate on our lives and priorities wasn't really something that I expected."


If it helps dude, I caught my girlfriend cheating on me too - but I just installed a keystroke logger. Even though I did feel a bit guilty about spying on her, I had to know.

It worked out for the best anyway - there is no point in being with someone that doesn't want to be with you.

This, too, will pass.

And now it's on The Register as well... I'm sure there must be more interesting things going on this week...

I'm not sure whether this means that personal publishing is the future of journalism or that CNN and The Reg don't have any actual writers on staff.

It certainly goes some way to explain why I don't much bother with the news, though...

Indeed. I wonder if it'll get to be an "and finally" on the tv news...


I'm so sad to have picked this news up from The Register first; even though I have a feed from your blog - I've been too busy to read such things of recent...

I hope you come through this knock alright... I'm up for beers anytime you want :)

So any feedback from Michelle on her sudden implicit publicity?

Tough pickle in that the copyright of some of your pages use her full name which you couldn't go redacting, and yet that pretty much allows anyone to tightly narrow down who she is.

I don't think so that the publishing personal stuff is all we expect from CNN or journalism. Ya right said Len that people r not interested in the back story. Some actual writing would do.

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