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The most important C++ stuff, ever...

I'm still skiing in Argentina, the training is going well and within 3 weeks I'll know if I make the grade and qualify as a BASI Ski Instructor... Because of all the skiing and partying and work out here I haven't been keeping up with many technical issues but this morning I checked bloglines and picked a couple of random feeds to catch up on. One of them was the Artima C++ Source feed which has recently published 5 articles by Scott Meyers. These articles are five lists of five of the "Best C++ ... ever", one on books, one…

I passed!

Well, today I discovered that I had passed the BASI Ski Instructor course that I've been taking in Argentina, so I'm now a Ski Instructor... We fly back from Bariloche to Buenos Aires on Friday and then onwards to the UK on Saturday; the trip has been great, but i'm looking forward to getting home and getting a decent curry and a bacon sandwich...…
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