Spam gone...


The endless torrent of bounce messages began again yesterday evening. Once again it was arount one email every 2 minutes or so. I turned on my laptop this morning expecting a few thousand emails to download and only a third of them to be correctly classified as spam by Outlook... There were a few, but, probably, under 10. There was no other spam either... Two legitimate email messages... It was, well, rather strange.

Of course this didn't seem right. I sent myself a test email and that worked. I checked the webmail interface and the mailbox was really empty. I bothered the guy who runs my mail hosting via messenger and he explained that he'd changed the smtp server last night. He now uses qpsmtpd and it has a pluggin that checks emails for known spam urls and filters these spam messages out.

I'm still not convinced... So far most of the legitimate email that I should get on a daily basis is arrving OK; newsgroup notifications, NAS alerts, etc but one of my NAS devices doesn't seem to be getting through... And if that's not working, who else is having problems?

Overall the lack of spam it nice, if a little wierd and ever so slightly retro. Assuming it is actually working correctly then I think it's a great improvement. However, I can't help feeling slightly cut off from the 'heart beat' of the internet.

If anyone sends me an email to my jetbyte account and doesn't get a reply then you could try sending to my gmail account, which is the obvious address, or leave a comment here... Fingers crossed you wont need to...


I now pull all of my email into gmail, which appears to do a commendable job of SPAM filtering... I still pull some of the accounts down via Ameol or Outlook 'just because' (and I don't really trust everything not to dissappear one day from Google), and note that even with a combination PlusNET's, my own SpalPal and Norton Internet Security SPAM filtering, some still gets through to those accounts!!

With Google, that is a rare ocurance, as are the one or two false +ves I can remember over the past few years.

Well, the new mail server seems to be working fine. I've been getting all the emails that I expected to get today and the spam has been reduced around 100 fold.

The NAS that couldn't communicate with me also couldn't communicate with my gmail account and that ended up being a case of it being on the Smaphaus PBL list, which was quite normal due to it being behind a dynamic IP that I hadn't removed from the PBL list...

So, at present, everything seems good...

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