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Table for one

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Sorry about the lack of technical postings for a while, this last month or so has been rather hard for me. On 13th February I became suspicious that something wasn't quite right with Michelle, my partner for the last 17 or so years. My suspicions increased and I ended up setting up my laptop in the equipment cupboard as a packet sniffer running Ethereal (now WireShark). I then connected to the laptop via a Remote Desktop Connection and controlled the sniffer from my main PC. A note to anyone reading this who isn't "a techie"; if you plan to…
Typical. My usual subject matter isn't interesting enough to get onto digg.com, etc. but a throw-away post about using Ethereal to catch my partner cheating gets on the front page... Ah well, such is life :) I'll just try and write more interesting technical postings and in the mean time appreciate the kind words, the linky goodness, the traffic spike and correspondingly increased adsense revenue...…

It must be a slow news day when...

My relationship break-up posting gets linked to from CNN.com... And, of course, they put their own spin on it... However, as I mentioned in a reply to one of the comments on the original posting... "Actually, I wrote a much longer piece with much more detail and decided that I didn't need to publish it. I just needed to write it. To get it out of my head, in much the same way that I wrote about my sister's tsunami experience. However I did feel the need to say something on my blog as the split has and will affect…
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